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Member Comments:

The Fly was described in Flies, Ties, & Techniques: A Practical Guide To Tying 50
Irresistible Flies by Charles Jardine (ISBN-10: 0-7641-3906-1) which I recommend for fly
tying ideas.

Glen Gammill

Polyarn Beetle, from Bob Molzahn


Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Black Polyyarn
Legs: Black Crystal Flash

Member's Comments:

This pattern is one of the most effective terrestrial imitations I use.  If an ant is not
working, try this pattern and be sure to grease it up. It is especially effective in smaller
sizes. You will need to "zone" fish it as it rides low and is hard to see. That is what
makes it fun to fish.

This fly is more durable than deerhair beetles and seems to more appealing than the
foam body variety.

Some tips on tying: Tie in the polyyarn from front to back on the hook but make wider
loops towards the back of the hook shank and to the middle of the hook bend. Now tie
in the legs. I like crystalflash because it looks like real beetle legs. As a variation you
can also use black hackle or very thin black rubber legs. Once the legs are tied in, you
pull the polyyarn over the legs towards the front of the hook. Tie it off. When you are
done use your thumbnail to push up the shank at the hook bend from back to front.
This action spreads the yarn out and gives the beetle its  shape.

Bob Molzahn

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