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Winter 2021 EVENTS


Winter is a time of preparation for the Long Island Flyrodders.We do a lot of Fly Tying and trip planning for the upcoming year. Winter is also Outdoor Show season and the Flyrodders attend many of these events. A few hardy souls continue to steelhead fish in the Great Lakes tributaries when the weather permits.The really lucky members find a tropical climate to fly fish. Both the weather and the fishing eventually heat up, so grab your fly rod and get your line in the water ! 


Summer 2021 EVENTS


The Flyrodders are vacationing at fishing destinations both near and far and are coming back with awesome stories.

In July, we  hold our Annual Long Island Flyrodders Family Picnic, at the Cedar Creek Pavillion in Seaford, NY.

Our Club Trips run all spring and summer, with a focus on warm water species like large and smallmouth bass once the weather is warm. Our Summer meetings have our before meeting cookouts, courtesy of Chef Paul and his able assistants.

Come early and enjoy.

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