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LIFR Bulletin Board

This is the Long Island Flyrodders Blog Home Page


The Mission of The Long Island Flyrodders Club :


  • To stimulate interest in fly fishing as a major sport;

  • To improve our skills as fly fishers;

  • To enjoy the fellowship of other fly fishers;

  • To exchange techniques and ideas;

  • To encourage our youth in the love of this great recreation, and

  • To encourage conservation and preservation of our waterways.



Please feel free to use this blog to communicate between club members  regarding activities and club issues that need to be communicated.  Pleases Note : This Bulletin Board is intended for use by current, active members of Long Island Flyrodders , and is to be used as a Messaging Center and fishing-related Informational conduit. Entries will be restricted to approved applicants and will be monitored  to ensure adherence to the above stated  purpose. Misuse will result in  suspension of member privileges.

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