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Foxy Gotcha, from Gil Padovani


Thread:   Tan 3/0
Eyes:   Gold Dumbbells or Bead Chain
Tail:   Gold Flashabou
Body:   Gold Bill's Body Braid
Wing:   Gold Krystal Flash topped with
     Red Fox Body Fur

Tying Instructions:

  1. Tie in dumbbell eyes (or bead chain).

    • Tie in clump of Flashabou for the tail.

      • Tie in body braid behind the eyes, wrap to tail and back to tie-in point.

        • Reverse hook in vise then tie folded Krystal Flash before the eyes and then make
          a few wraps of thread for the wingbase.

          • Cut clump of fox fur close to skin. Remove dark undercoat, but leave some for
            the body to hold wing together.

            • Pluck long guard hairs to even tips. Tie in fox in front of Krystal Flash and whip

Lee Weil

Webmaster's Comments:

Prior to my going on a bonefish trip to the Caribbeans, Lee was kind enough to tie me
four "Lee's Foxy Gotchas". I kept one and gave the others to three guys in my group. I
asked them to test the pattern for me and give me a report on how the fly performed.
(Unfortunately none of them kept accurate records and tried different flies, however
they told me they did well with it.)

As for me, I started off with the Foxy Gotcha. It caught 17 bonefish which was the high
for the day.

I started the second day with the Foxy Gotcha, but unfortunately, the 6th fish of the day
swallowed the fly kind of deep so, I felt it would be better to leave the fly in the fish's
gut. At that point, I had no more Foxy Gotchas and wished I had never given the other 3
away. All in all it's a hell of a fly.

Gil Padovani
April 2008

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