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Pink Puff, from Gil Padovani

Hook: Size 4, Saltwater
Thread: Flat Pink
Eyes: Bead Chain or barbells
Wing: Tan Craft Fur,  6 strands of Rainbow
Crystal Flash and 4 Grizzly Hackles
Head: Medium Ultra Pink Chenille

Tying Instructions:








Tying Instructions:


  • Starting just behind where the bead chain eyes would be, tie in the craft fur so
    that it rides above and to the sides of the hook shank.

    • Tie in the strands of Crystal Flash , two on the top and two on each side.

      • Tie in the grizzly hackles, two on each side.

        • Tie in the bead chain eyes just in front of the wing materials by criss-crossing the
          thread several times over the middle of the eyes. Make a few straight turns
          underneath the eyes and then a few more criss-crosses ending just behind the
          eyes. Put some Crazy Glue on the thread above the eyes to keep them from

          • Attach a piece of chenille just behind the eyes and then move the thread to the
            front of the eyes.

            • Build a round head with the chenille by wrapping it once or twice behind the
              eyes, then criss-crossing it a couple a times and wrapping it once or twice in front
              of the eyes.

              • Finish off by applying head cement to the thread base just in front of the chenille

              Member's Comments:

              If you were going  for bonefish in the Bahamas and could only take one fly pattern, the
              Pink Puff is the fly I would recommend. On days when Crazy Charlies and Gotchas aren't
              doing much, chances are that the Pink Puff will come thru. One year, I started off with a
              Pink Puff and it was so productive that I fished it exclusively throughout the entire

              Gil Padovani

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