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Pink Bugger, from Paul Granger


Thread: Chartreuse flat waxed nylon
Tail: Fluorescent pink marabou
Body: Fluorescent pink sparkle chenille over
20 turns of 22 gauge bare copper wire
Wing: Chartreuse marabou from base of
saddle hackle
Head: 3/16 Silver bead


Tying Instructions:

1. Mash down the barb on hook and add silver bead.
2. Wrap 20 turns of 22 gauge bare copper wire on hook.
3. Measure and tie in tail. Tie the marabou butts to back of bead head to add bulk to
body of fly.
4. Tie in medium chenille for body.
5. Tie wings using marabou fibers from base of saddle hackle. Wing should extend to
just beyond where the tail is tied in.
6. Finish off head behind the bead head.

Member's Comments:

This fly has proven to be a killer on Connetquot trout. Fish it just like a nymph or jig it
up and down. The fly is weighted with copper wire to comply with the lead-free
regulations of the Connetquot State Park.

Paul Granger

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