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The Fly was described in Flies, Ties, & Techniques: A Practical Guide To Tying 50
Irresistible Flies by Charles Jardine (ISBN-10: 0-7641-3906-1) which I recommend for fly
tying ideas.

Glen Gammill

Cropsicle, from Lee Weil


Thread: White or black
Tail: White Marabou Ostrich Herl and Pearl
Krystal Flash or Black Marabou or Ostrich Herl
and Red Krystal Flash.
Legs: Glitter Rubber Legs
Body: Sparkle Pearl EZ Body or Black Sparkle
EZ Body.


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This is a very basic fly which will take pickerel, bass, trout and crappie. Tie in tail with a generous amount of Krystal Flash, tying tail material along top of shank to build body
base. Tie rubber legs across top of shank with figures 8 of thread - 2 strands to make 4
legs. Tie off thread with whip finish. Apply EZ body sparingly to form body from tail to
hook eye. The black version works well on overcast days.

Lee Weil