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Member Comments:

The Fly was described in Flies, Ties, & Techniques: A Practical Guide To Tying 50
Irresistible Flies by Charles Jardine (ISBN-10: 0-7641-3906-1) which I recommend for fly
tying ideas.

Glen Gammill

Craft Baitfish, from Steve Ryder


Thread: Mono, White
*Body: White Craft Fur, Pearl Flashabou,
   DNA Pearl Holo Fusion,
   Red Flash Ribbon
Eyes: Stick-on, Reflective

*(Soft Body, Thick)

Tying Instructions:

  • Cover hook with red flash ribbon from the bend of the hook to the eye.

    • Tie in a bunch of craft fur trim waste in front and cover trimmed edges with thread.

      • Tie in 3-4 strands of Pearl Fashabou

        • Tie in 2 more bunches of craft fur on top of the trimmed ends working your way to
          the eye of the hook

          • Tie in 6-8 strands of DNA Pearl Holo Fusion about 6 inches

            • Fold over and tie down Holo Fusion

              • Whip finish

              • Add reflective eyes

              • Apply soft body over eyes to form the head and dry on drying wheel

Member Comments:

Ensure the soft body is the thick kind or it will wick up the fly ruining it.
Unfortunately, I found out the hard way!!

Steve Ryder


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