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Member Comments:

The Fly was described in Flies, Ties, & Techniques: A Practical Guide To Tying 50
Irresistible Flies by Charles Jardine (ISBN-10: 0-7641-3906-1) which I recommend for fly
tying ideas.

Glen Gammill

AP Emerger, from Bob Molzahn


Hook: #14-18 grub
Thread: Tan 8/0
Tail: Antron or Zelon, orange, cut short
Body: Dubbed pale yellow or tan, no special
Wing: Deer Hair, short
Head: Hare's ear, dubbed


  • For Sulphur mayflies (because the nymphs are dark brown):

    Same pattern, except use green zelon as a tail and a chocolate brown body. You can also
    vary the length of the wing and use muskrat fur for the head. The buggier it looks, the
    better. Perfection is not the rule with this pattern.

    Member's Comments:

    I got this pattern from a guy I met on Fishing Creek (PA) a number of years ago. I vary the
    colors of the tail and body to meet the hatch. It works for both caddis and sulphur hatches
    and was the fly that I used on the Ausable the day I caught all those trout rising to caddis.

    It can be fished dry if you grease it up or as a nymph with a split shot. It can be dead drifted
    or twitched under. The latter worked best for me on the Ausable.

    Bob Molzahn


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