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Smallmouth Gurgler, from Paul McCain


Thread: Color to match body
Tail: Bucktail and flash
Body: Flash chenille
Overbody: Strip of sheet foam
Legs: Rubber hackle

Tying Instructions:

1. Wrap thread to bend of hook. Tie in tail and the flash.
2. Tie in the foam so that it faces backwards.
3. Tie in the chenille and let it hang
4. Wrap halfway up the hook shank and tie in one leg.
Next, wrap a little further and tie in a second leg.
5. Wrap chenille up the body to one hook eye width's distance from end.
6. Pull foam over the top of body and tie down snugly just behind the eye. Leave a lip.
7. Cut a small piece of sheet foam and put in on top to form a double lip. Whip finish.

Member's Comments:

This fly is on our Housatonic River trip list of recommended flies.

Paul McCain

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