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Power Worm, from Gil Padovani


Hook: Tiemco 2457, size 8
Thread: Red
Bead: Brass, size 5/32
Body: Red Ultra Chenille extending  a little
over 3/4 of an inch on both ends
Rib: Medium red vinyl

Tying Instructions:

  • Pinch the barb of the hook.

    • Cut a 2 inch length of the Ultra chenille. Quickly move a lighted cigarette lighter
      under both ends to allow the tips to shrink.

      • Thread the ultra chenille through a bead so that it is 3/4 of an inch thru.

        • Insert the hook in the bead making sure that the 3/4 of an inch extension faces
          the eye of the hook. At this point, leave the bead near the bend of the hook.

          • Wrap thread on the shank of the hook with several extra twists near the eye of
            the hook, Whip finish and cut.

            • Push the bead to the eye of the hook, keeping the chenille on top. The thread
              underneath should keep the bead from turning and thus keeping the chenille on
              top of the eye.

              • Starting behind the bead, wrap thread over the chenille to the bend of the hook
                (The chenille should be on top of the hook shank).

                • Attach the red vinyl rib at the bend of the hook and wrap the thread back to just
                  behind the bead.

                  • Evenly wrap the red vinyl toward the bead. Once there secure the end with
                    several wraps of thread and cut the excess vinyl.

                    • Apply head cement.



Member's Comments:


This fly was deadly on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Clark's Fork Rivers of Montana. It differs from the classic San Juan Worm in that it has a beadhead and a red vinyl body. This combination together with the 2X heavy hook allows the fly to sink faster and deeper.I will be testing this fly in our home waters this coming fishing season (2003) and hopefully I will replace this sentence with a report of success.Gil Padovani

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