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Mackerel Candy, from Wolfgang Porte'


Thread: Fine Monofilament
Body: Light blue sparkle fiber topped with
Pearl green Angel Hair, dark blue Kinky fiber
on top of that and finally baitfish colored
(dark) Angel Hair . Use small amount of each
different fibers
Tail: Blue/white bar-dyed Zonker strip over a
thin layer of stiff Pearlescent/white Fiber (to
prevent fouling)

Tying Instructions:

1. Tie in the materials indicated above as described.
2. Cover the body with E-Z shape sparkle body and let it dry.
3. Affix eyes and mark gills.
4. When dry, cover body with 30 minute epoxy.

Member's Comments:

Bob Popovics's SURF CANDY has proven over many years to be a very effective
saltwater fly. Stripers, Blues and Albies find it irresistible. The above is my version of
the Mackerel Candy.

Wolfgang Portè

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