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Lady Gail, from Lee Weil


Thread: Black 8/0 and black flat waxed nylon
to finish
Tag: Silver tinsel / orange floss
Butt: Black Ostrich (large)
Rear Body: Orange floss
Rib: Silver tinsel
Mid Butt: Black Ostrich (small)
Forebody: Mahogany floss
Rib: Gold tinsel
Throat: Hungarian Partridge shoulder
Under veil: Golden Pheasant Crest
Wing: Chukar flank
Cheek: Lovebird breast
Topping: Golden Pheasant Crest

Member's Comments:

I created this fly during the 2009 small game hunting season and named it the "Lady
Gail" after the proprietor of a NJ Game Preserve.

Lee Weil

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