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2016 Trips and Events -


One of the true benefits of joining the Long Island Flyrodders are the great fly fishing Trips and Events that our Members organize throughout the year.  Trip Captains will make presentations at the February meeting and details about the trips will be added to this page.  


PLEASE NOTE : To register for a trip, you must be a "Paid Up" clubmember. We're sorry to announce that due to insurance regulations, pets are no longer allowed on club trips. 


(To obtain more information about any trip, "hover" your mouse over the trip description below. If the "arrow" turns into a "finger" click on the description.) 




Jan. 29 - 31

Fri. - Sun.


March 6



March 19




April 14



April 16-17

Sat. - Sun.


April 29-May 1

Fri. - Sun.


May 14



June 6



June 14 - 16

Tue. - Thurs.


June 24 - 26

Fri. - Sun.

August 5 - 7

Fri. - Sun.

August 21



Sept. 16 - 18

Fri. - Sun.


Oct. 2


Recurring Events


Feb. 22

Mar. 21

Apr. 18

May 16

June 20

July 18

Aiug. 15

Sept. 19

Oct. 17




Feb, 9

March 8



Event Description


LIFR Connetquot Monday Fishing Days












Fly Tying at the Main Event



Event Coordinator


Ted Bany












Rich Cosgrove




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