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2019  LIFR Committees

In addition to the Board, these people have volunteered to sit on specific funtional committees that are vital to deliver all the various aspects of the club's activities.

Committee Member


Rich Cosgrove



Ken Arstark







Robert L. Skoy


Peter Harris



Bill Smith

Nora Solomon



Ed Zero





Susan Solomon





Howard Solomon




Armond Saidai


Morty Schneiderman


Paul McCain




Mike Postol



Mike Scheiner




Linda Macy


Mike Gelber


Charlie DeStefano


Cliff Dies


Paul Puma



Roy Placet




Jim Foley


Bob Heppler


Ted Bany


Ed Tateosian







  • Goodwill Coordinator

  • Email Communication Coordinator

  • Welcoming Committee

  • Raffle Committee

  • Merchandise Advisor

  • LI Flyfishing Expo Liason

  • Connetquot Steward

  • Barbeque Committee


  • Counsel


  • Treasury



  • Fly Tying Programs

  • Merchandise Assistant



  • DEC Scholarship Chairman

  • DEC Liason - Fresh Waster Fisheries Advisory Council

  • Welcoming Committee


  • Fly Tying Programs

  • Fly Fishing Show Coordinator

  • Ladies Fly Fishing

  • Merchandizing Manager


  • Fly Fishing Show Coordinator

  • Meeting Program Commitee



  • Raffle Coordinator


  • LI Flyrodder Newsletter Editor


  • River Cleanups

  • Guest Speaker Committee


  • Trip Planning Coordinator

  • Guest Speaker Coordinator


  • Fly Tying Programs

  • Refreshments

  • Welcoming Committee


  • Green Fishing


  • River Helper Coordinator

  • Ladies Casting Clinic


  • Sponsor Outreach Coordinator


  • Club Historian


  • Sargeant At Arms



  • LIFR Webmanager

  • Advertising Coordinator

  • Barbeque Coordinator

  • Membership Roster Maintenance


  • VFW Hall Liason


  • Welcoming Committee Coordinator


  • Connetquot Coordinator


  • Awards Dinner Coordinator

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